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Watch: https://123movies.io/movie/hedwig-and-the-angry-inch-59398/watching.html watch the whole film and write a core viewing response the rubric is below. I want full mark please. The last person that did this didnt follow the rubric and i got a 56/100. the feedback was "It’s clear you watched the musical and did some research. However your response has little to do with social relevance as per the rubric instruction." And the second time I got a 88 and the feedback was "Please provide evidence that you watched the film." SO PLEASE FOCUS ON THE RUBRIC AND SOCIAL RELEVANCE AND PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE THING AND NOT JUST DO RESEARCH ABOUT IT LIKE THE LAST GUY! THANKS! Also, I will attach a reading, checkout what it says and see the link to social relevance. Core Viewing Response Rubric Objective: To gather your thoughts about this week’s musical. Overview: After watching this week’s musical, you will write a response. This response should be substantive, and should pertain specifically to your thoughts on the social relevance and message of the musical. Due: See your course schedule. Length: No specific length requirement, though they should generally be around one page. Content: Please be sure to include evidence that you watched the musical. I want to read more insight than what I would find had you simply read the wikipedia article. When making claims about the social relevance and message of the musical, be sure to attach them to specific moments in the musical, and describe those moments with enough detail that we can easily identify what you’re referring to. If you want to quote the musical, be sure to do so using the following citation method: Citation Example: “I’m just a girl who can’t say no. I’m in a terrible fix.” (Ado Annie, Oklahoma!) Rubric (12.5 points total) 12.5 point paper: Response is substantive and specific. It is clear that you watched the musical and that you are making connections to the social relevance and message. 7 point paper: Though the response has some substance and connections to the social relevance are being made, there is not enough specificity and/or the response devolves into opinions on the musical that are superficial or tangential. 2.5 point paper: Though an attempt is made at completing the assignment, it does not fit any of the requirements sufficiently. 0 point paper: Not substantive. Doesn’t complete the assignment at all. Clearly hasn’t watched the musical. Seems to not have read the rubric. *Instructors may assess your grade to be between these benchmarks.

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