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LDRS 697 Deliverables #2-4 Leadership Competency Improvement Focus Papers

Deliverables #2, #3, #4 (LDRS 697): LC Improvement Focus Papers

LC Improvement Paper Guidelines:

Begin by choosing a case illustration or critical work incident in order to profile better the integration of the selected competency/skill in practical business operation. (Approximately 250 words)
Conduct a review of precedent literature related to and arising from the case illustration/critical work incident.
Analyze the selected precedent literature in terms of Dimension 1 (Transformational Servant Leadership Transformational Servant Leadership Values and Ethics) and Dimension 2 (Higher Ordered Thinking and Analysis).
Create a synthetic summary of best practices learned from evidence-based investigations and problem solving in the area of leadership competency and other activities conducted. (Steps 2-4 should be similar to the last assignment in LDRS 591, and be under 2500 words, exclusive of the References list).
Reflect on Step #4 in regards to implications for personal action. Address knowledge of self, needs of others, and organizational/business objectives, integration of relevant concepts, knowledge learned, and an action plan for future implementation. (Approximately 500 words)
Based on Step #5, articulate a personal action plan. (Approximately 250-350 words)

APA 6 format is mandatory. Ten or more high quality references should be cited.
In general, each assignment requires 10-15 references and 15-20 pages in length.
Deliverables #2, #3, #4 (LDRS 687/698: LC Improvement Focus Paper) are to provide a formative evaluation opportunity to generate scholarly articles that document learning activities regarding your three chosen cometencies. The writing format for these assignments are similar to the final assignment of 591. It may include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, References, Appendix.

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