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The question I’m trying to answer in this Report is: “How is health managed in shopping centres”. in my project, I’m only concern about macarthur square shopping centre which located in NSW, Australia.
I was asked to go there for one day as workplace. Then I was asked to identify and explain wether health is managed in there or not?
the issue that I’m focusing on is:
– Disability access and services (parking, lifts, ….).
I’ll send you more info about what to do, Please read carefully.

Here is the marking criteria. Please follow it carefully.
Please note at the bottom of the marking criteria there’s a very important note regarding the referencing.

-Please do a research on macarthur square shopping centre, as you are going to identify disability access in there.
– It’s good to provide a bit of background info on when it was built, how big is it, how many floors, and other useful info (not too much background, only things related to disability access).
– There’s useful information on how big should the corridors should be, to make movement easy for disable people and whether that’s the case in macarthur square or not.
-You could write about disable toilets.
– disabled safety (in case there is a fire how would they escape).
….etc These are some observations you could write about. (you could think of others anyway).
Please follow the marking criteria Carefully.
Please Open the attached file that’s how the report should look like.

As part of this report, this floor plan have to be filled as it’s needed to go along with the report. (it’s really what you’ve built the report on), so, I recommend you do it before you start writing the report.

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