Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Exclusion


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Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Exclusion

Section 1

  1. Workplace diversity is an aspect that describes the inclusion of people from different backgrounds. This involves avoiding discrimination of workers and other stakeholders. As such, there are equal opportunities to all people in the organization, and no discrimination is practiced (Burke and Friedman, p. 127).
  2. The information I came across regarding workplace diversity did not surprise me. Workplace diversity is an aspect that is experienced in all organizations, and there is a need to recognize the input of all stakeholders. Failing to include and involve all stakeholders is perceived as disrespect, and nay brings conflicts in an organization. The story provided in “My Story” shows the discrimination experienced in the United States. The racial discrimination is rampant, and it is not a surprise to hear such a story.
  3. The Sangoma story shows that people should recognize others by including and involving them in activities. The Sangoma was not recognized as a great person in the meeting, and this caused disrespect. Stephen had to apologize for failing to include and involve the Sangoma during the meeting (Arrien and Gorbachev, p. 137). The story provided in “My Story” shows that discrimination in the US is still present. People from other countries are not included in some activities of the country. Racial discrimination is a bad experience for the narrator of the story. He states that his family had harsh experiences because they were foreigners.
  4. The experience of the Sangoma shows that it is important to involve and recognize all people in an organization. All people should be recognized and appreciated so as to avoid conflicts in an organization. Inclusion is an important aspect when handling individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Workplace inclusion helps reduce discrimination and provides equality to all members of the organization. The scenario created in “My Story” shows that racial discrimination is a bad practice. Therefore, all people should be included in the activities without considering their racial backgrounds (Konrad, p. 263).
  5. Inclusion is described as the process of recognizing all stakeholders of an organization, and appreciating the input of all people. In a diversified workplace, inclusion is practiced by considering the decision of every person, and involving all individuals. This helps reduce conflicts that may arise when all people are not involved in the activities of an organization. The components of inclusion include non-discrimination, involvement and collective decision making. This shows that inclusion involves engaging all people in the workplace, and recognizing the input of all members of the organization. Managing people effectively in an organization is an important aspect in the workplace (Stockdale and Crosby, p. 249).
  6. Inclusive decision making is an aspect that can be applied to create value to human differences in an organization. This involves engaging all stakeholders in a collective decision making process. As such, the opinion of all people is considered. This helps avoid conflicts, and all people feel valued. Collective decision making helps all stakeholders participate in the organization’s activities. As such, rejection of decisions made by the organization is not possible since decisions are made collectively (Tuite, Chisholm and Radnor, p. 24).

Section 2

  1. Abbott Inc., AT&T Inc., and Citigroup Inc.
  2. Abbott supports the ideas of all its employees. The company has accepted diversity at the workplace by employing people from different races, developing different products, using diversified technologies and operating in different markets. The company has embraced the aspect of employee inclusion. The company has achieved success by adopting the strategy of inclusion and workplace diversity (Abbott website, para. 1).
  3. AT&T Company has adopted workplace diversity and inclusion. This strategy has enabled the company to develop innovative products. The company has achieved a lot of success, by developing superior quality products. The culture of the company allows inclusion to be practiced in the organization, and all stakeholders contribute towards the decision making process. Also, the company has included the community in its activities by conducting philanthropic activities to promote the welfare of the communities where the company operates (AT&T Website, p.1).
  4. Citigroup Inc. has adopted various strategies to embrace inclusion and workplace diversity. The strategy aims at creating good workplace environment for all employees, providing quality services, creating good business partnerships and practicing corporate social responsibility. The company aims at creating a scenario where all stakeholders feel comfortable. The aspect of workplace diversity has been embraced to attract talented professionals, and create a better environment for employees (Citigroup Inc. p. 1).
  5. The favorite corporate website is AT&T website because it has adopted good inclusion strategy by incorporating the aspect of collective decision making, good corporate social responsibility and practicing employee diversity. This has made the company achieve a high level of innovation for its products. The company has adopted inclusion and workforce diversity. These aspects have made the company operate in the competitive environment for a long time. The company history indicates that the company has been able to overcome many challenges because it has excellent inclusion strategies (AT&T Inc. p. 1).
  6. I have learnt that workplace diversity is an important aspect that promotes success to an organization. Embracing workplace diversity helps develop innovative products. In addition, workplace diversity creates good relationships with all stakeholders of an organization. As such, an organization must practice inclusion and workplace diversity to ensure it achieves success. The websites provide information about workplace diversity and its importance. This indicates that for an organi9zation to achieve success, it should embrace inclusion and diversity. This will help reduce conflicts because all stakeholders are satisfied with the activities of the organization.
  7. The content found on the websites relate to week 2 course material in that they encourage inclusion of all stakeholders. The story of Sangoma has indicated that all members of an organization must be recognized and respected. This is indicated in the websites whereby emphasis on inclusion of all stakeholders has been placed. In addition, the story in the “My Story” shows that discrimination is not good. This has been emphasized by the websites because emphasis has been placed on equality and equal treatment to all people of an organization.

Section 3: Stereotypes and Prejudices

  1. The issues compelling are stereotypes that blacks have a lower intelligent capacity than whites; and the other issue is the prejudice that the women cannot have equal opportunity with men.
  2. The stereotypes that blacks and women have a lower capacity are not good. All people are equal and have equal capacity. I have experienced this discrimination at different environments.
  3. Race (black-white), Disability (Disable – Abled) and Age (Young – Old).
  4. Discrimination is not good at all. There is a need to treat all people equally, and provide opportunities to all people. This helps avoid legal action and creates a favorable workplace environment.
  5. Prejudice is a common thing that people experience in their daily activities. People are prejudiced on various aspects, and this creates conflicts in many organizations. Al people should be treated equally to avoid conflicts in the organization.

Section 4: Diversity, Exclusion, Inclusion in the News

  1. Wal-Mart has been experiencing gender discrimination. Women are paid less than men at the same job level. In addition, women cannot hold certain key positions in the company. This shows that the company has failed to embrace the aspect of inclusion (Greenfield, p. 1). Metallic Products Company was accused of age discrimination. The company failed to respect the legal provisions of the equal employment by sacking an employee before the retirement age (EEOC, p. 1). Santa Claus has experienced racial discrimination during the employment drive. People seeking jobs in the company do not want to reveal their names during the recruitment process to avoid racial discrimination. This shows that the company does not exercise inclusion (Dobbyn, p. 1).
  2. The news from the websites shows that inclusion and diversity should be embraced. The news relate to the concept of diversity in that the legal systems do not support discrimination of any employees. This shows that all people are equal, and they should be treated as such.
  3. From the websites, I have learnt that employee discrimination is not a good practice. It brings about legal action, which may affect the performance of a company. The legal systems in the country are very strict, and they protect all people against discrimination. This indicates that organizations should embrace inclusion in the activities, and avoid discrimination.
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