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To: Steve.Smith@mailserver.com

From: Manager@cozycafe.com

Greetings, thank you Smith for choosing to have dinner at our restaurant with your family. We are also grateful for the positive review that your friends, who previously dinned in our restaurant, have given our menu, atmosphere and the manner that our staffs treat children. We are deeply grateful for your review of our restaurant and happy that you enjoyed the overall ambiance and the food. It is our disappointment to learn that you were not happy with the behavior of our host and server towards you and your family. We also regret the delay in serving your orders and our servers disregard for special serving considerations that come with different age groups like children requiring their milk serving in a child-safe cup. Lastly, we are disappointed at our failure to fulfill our very essence of staying in business to feed our hungry customers, when you and your family had to leave hungry without orders the main course and desert (Beal, 2008).

Please know that we have initiated a weekly employee-customer relationship management appraisal that will assist all restaurant employees to understand the importance of personal conduct in managing reputation of the restaurant as a hospitality business. We hope that the program will improve the overall self-image and self-esteem of our employees and will assist them to develop a clear understanding of the importance of proper customer care in the hospitality industry (Gallagher, 2006).

We invite you to make a follow-up visit to our restaurant to confirm the ongoing improvements in customer relations. In addition, feel free to visit our offices or use our online feedback forum to express or request any clarification on the issue of your complaint. We have a customer feedback management system that collects amalgamates feedback and offers a value rating system that is incorporated to the management decision making process so that all key decision in the day-to-day running of the restaurant reflect on customer feedback.

We therefore assure you that your feedback is now part of the daily routine of the restaurant including food serving and ushering (Barlow & Moller, 1996). We acknowledge your peer review as a person also working in the hospitality industry where customer service makes or breaks the business. We are happy to inform you that our employee-customer relationship management program now incorporates a mitigation mechanism for the causes of employee burnout and stress that add up to manifest as poor customer relations. The program identifies incidences of overworked employees, provides an employee feedback channel that assists supervisors and the overall management to know the emotional status of each employee and therefore assign them appropriate duties. The employee feedback also provides a back channel for supervisors and management to informally advice employee conduct in relation to specific customer feedback and overall presentation of the restaurant image.

Finally, we acknowledge that our employees have psychological needs just as our customers and we are reviewing our employee compensation package. This will ensure that we eliminate or reduce all psychological stresses that arise out of job dissatisfaction (Gabarro, 1992). As highlighted in your email, our employees break or make our business and their care and appraisal forms the core of our strategy towards having an above industry standards customer service reputation. We cannot take back a bad reputation already expressed by our employees; however, the initiatives put in place ensure that such a dip in customer care quality does not occur again (Timm, 2011). Feel free to visit our restaurant again to enjoy great food and ambience.

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