Total quality management Assignments


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Total quality management Assignments


Total quality management refers t the management whereby the aim of the organization is to improve the quality of its products to ensure customer satisfaction. Organizations want to produce quality goods and services for competitive advantage. This paper discusses quality and gives a brief history of quality before and since the Industrial Revolution.

History of quality

The history of quality can be traced back to the 1800s when industrial revolution began. Before industrial, the quality of life was low since people earned a low income. Products were also of a low quality since no machinery or technology was being employed in production. Industrial revolution was a period when economic activities shifted from agriculture to industrial manufacturing of goods. Machines started being used in production, technology started to be applied and focus was on production of quality goods. The quality of life also improved due to high wages. Since the industrial revolution, emphasis on quality has dominated organizations to date since it gives them a competitive edge (Evans, 2010).

Monfort College of Business

MCB is a college that leads in terms of value as compared to other colleges. It gives products quality and has an excellent learning environment exceeding its peers. It gives arguably the best business education in the US. It has high technology that supports its curriculum and hence producing quality graduates ready for the job market. It focuses on professional depth where it links up with the business community to give its students a real life experience. The college provides quality education at a price that is affordable to many. It has a strong reputation as compared to its competitors (Baldrige National Quality Award, 2004).


Quality will lead to success in an organization. Customers are always willing to spend as little as possible and get the best quality. Therefore, organization should ensure quality management and production.



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