The USA: From reconstruction to Civil Rights, 1877 – 1981


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I have ordered a coursework in your company and i have paid for it.

Now my coursework is divided into two parts, Part A question and Part B question.

Each part of the coursework should be about 2000 words, so both parts together should count about 4000 words in total.

Each part consist of a different question and different type of writing and sources.

I will now explain what each part has to consist of in terms of writing and sources used.

PART A question: What in your view was the short-term significance of Rosa Parks?
The answer on this question should be:
Short-term (1month to 20 years)
4-6 sources (contemporary sources should be used if possible).
If possible the writer could take the side of her not being highly significant as much as the naacp movement and the black church made her to be – indeed, Ida. B. Wells also refused to give her seat at the bus in 1880’s yet she had no organisation behind her to make her actions significant. Nevertheless im looking to get a high grade so this is optional .
PART B question: Assess the significance of the role of individuals in reducing racial discrimination in the USA in the period 1877-1981 ??

The answer to this question should be:
if possible include individuals across the period such as booker.T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and Martin L. King.
In addition, the significance of these individuals should be compared with other factors such as the cold war and the second world war. I have come to a conclusion through my research that the significance of individuals such as martin luther king was certainly vast, however, that if there was no Martin L. King there would be someone else due to the atmosphere in the country, and indeed the timing worked in favour for him since America could not afford to have a hyprocritical image on an international scale- indeed they were fighting nazi racists while being racist within their own country. If possible mention this in my conclusion.
These books must be used in the course work please!

Patterson,David-Willoughby Doug and Susan, Civil Rights in the USA, 1865-1992(OCR and Heinemann)

Sanders, Vivienne and Farmer, Alan – An introduction to American History, 1860-1990,(Hodder Murray, 2002)

Pennington, Joanna – Modern America: The USA, 1865 to the present(Hodder Murray, 2005)

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