Stock Investments 101: Guidelines for New Investors

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Assignment Requirements


This essay in not meant to be for professionals in the financial industry but rather for outsiders. Although your audience will not be members of your field, you should still be writing from the perspective of a professional insider.
IMPORORTANT:Please find attached documents for instructions:
-Essay instructions
-The outline I wish you to use

*No plagiarizing please
*Please make sure the persona is consistent throughout and the audience is well addressed.
*The sources must be accessible online and the amount of sources used should not be more than 4.
*Please include three pictures in order to make the essay more attractive as shown in the instructions document.

Unit 3: Public Document


Length: 1000 words minimum (does not include response letter or context note)

Audience: A specific readership outside of your field (not “anybody who is interested”)


The final “modeling” assignment of the semester is the document written for the general public. Although your audience will not be members of your field, you should still be writing from the perspective of a professional insider. Once again, we will discuss several possible options, but you will decide what type of document you will write and for whom.


First, you must identify a particular audience outside of your field that needs to hear your argument; this audience can be segmented by demographic (such as inner-city women), values (such as readers of The Economist), or situation (such as cancer survivors). No one really writes to “the general public,” and part of your job is to focus your message to a specific audience.


Once you have your audience, you must decide which genre is the best one to deliver your message. Basically, how do you get and keep their attention, and how do you help outsiders understand the terms, concepts, and methods used in your field, and therefore, your position? Also, what persona will you choose that will best achieve your purpose?


For this assignment, in addition to the written possibilities, you have a New Media Option. Specifically, you will use programs like Garageband, iTunes, and iMovie to create visual projects, such as public service announcements. You may set scanned images and graphics to music/sound; you may incorporate speech/narration with images/slideshows; you may opt to set video to sound. (The Digital Media Design Studio in the library has copyright music available for use, too.) You will turn in a storyboard or script of your assignment for your draft. Your projects should be 3-5 minutes in length.


As always, you must include in both your draft and final essay a context note that explains your document to the readers, including where, specifically, you would publish or present this document, who the audience is, and what their needs, wants, values, biases, etc. are. The final draft will be accompanied by a response letter to your peers.
Public Document


Criterion Poor Low Acceptable Good Excellent

chooses specifically and addresses accurately, including knowledge base


consistent and appropriate


potential to achieve goal


well-developed sections with smooth flow and transitions


simple, concise language


places priority on polished, proofread language


effective use of all design elements, including images, font, titles, and white space

Context Note

clearly positions document

Response Letter

thoughtfully addresses revision process





-Introduction: Little history on Stock Market & The importance of Stock investing.


-Before Starting to Invest: Include paragraphs with examples on how to set goals before starting to invest.


-Understanding the Market: What is the market made of (Includes the meaning of buying, selling, derivatives…), how to win (Capital gains, dividends),

-Risk Valuation: Includes the meaning of risk and its importance of evaluating the risk of stock (Include examples and pictures if possible)


-Portfolio Diversification: the importance of diversification and investing in different industries (Include examples with some pictures if possible)


-What affects Stock Price: The politics, the economics, and the psychology behind it.




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