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Title Page: 1 page
Letter of Transmittal: 1 page
Executive Summary: 1 page
Body with section headings: 5-7 pages

Conclusions and
Recommendations: 1 page
Bibliography: 1-2 pages
Glossary : 1 page
Appendix: 1 page
References: Provide at least 10 references in the Bibliography; use footnotes or parenthetical citations to document information.

Potential Audience: Your primary readers will be the company CEO; the VP for Human Resources (HR), members of the Board of Directors, the company CFO (Chief Finance Officer), company employees, and possibly the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Using your proposal as a starting point, develop the Business Report with Recommendations (Writing Assignment #3) that you proposed.

As with your proposal, use document design techniques, diagrams, photos, and other visuals to comply with the CEO’s guidance.

All previous paper will be attched for this writing assignement. Below is are all the previous scenario and task for all the previous papers.

Backqround and Scenario: The scenario for writing assignments #1 scenario

Background and Scenario: Assume that your employer, a North American company with approximately 300 employees, will soon begin doing business in a specific foreign country, and that 25 employees, including you, may be transferred there. The CEO has asked you to conduct research on the current conditions in that country, and report your findings in a memo to him.

Read four or more articles on that country from recent newspapers or magazines, or from other sources, especially online. Describe in a memo what you have learned about economic, political, business, and other current conditions in the country. Cover at least the current economic, business, and political conditions in separate, well-developed paragraphs, each of which should contain documented information from your research and your analysis as to how that information relates to the company’s mission and goals. Do not report on cultural considerations for doing business in that country; you will focus on this in your next writing assignment.

Sceneraio#2 Background and Scenario: The scenario for writing assignment #1 continues. The company CEO has read your memo and wants you to continue your research, now focusing on the cultural considerations of doing business in the country.

Read three or more sources that have information on the country’s values, beliefs, and other cultural considerations as they involve business communications.

Explain in a letter what you have learned about how oral, non-verbal, and written communications practices in the country may affect business operations, social contacts, shopping, and other considerations if the company decides to move an operation to that country. Recommend any training or special preparation that you think employees should receive before representing the company in that country.

Use diagrams, photos, and other visuals where appropriate to increase your readers’ interest and understanding of non-verbal and other communications practices.

Scenario#3 Explain in a research proposal what you propose to focus on for your Business Report with Recommendations (Writing Assignment #7).

Use the format and the sections in Chapter 18 of the text (Problem, Country Overview, Audience, Topics to Investigate, Methods and Resources, Qualifications, Work Schedule, and Call to Action.

In the Methods and Resources section, list at least ten (10) references.

Use document design techniques, diagrams, photos, and other visuals to comply with the CEO’s guidance.

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