Reflection Paper Three: What does it mean to understand?

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A reflection on social studies

After joining my first class in the Social studies class, I had a chance to benefit from the variety of new friends and things from our class.  I had a chance to refresh myself on various topical issues that surround sociology, some which I had knowledge about and new one. The introduction part entail the lecturer giving us a glimpse of what to expect during the studies and the reading materials we needed to better position ourselves in studying social studies. The earliest classwork played a vital role in laying the foundational knowledge on social studies, which offered the impetus to read and learn more. I realized that social studies borrows lot from history, archaeology, religion, economics, geography, sociology, and psychology (Russell, 2011).

Social studies is an interesting subject, it arouses the learners interest in interactions between human beings. Although I had prior knowledge about the topical areas of studies, my knowledge was not that deep. The social studies exposed me to the in-depth understanding of the issues that affect human life and how relationships can be beneficial and risky sometimes.  Human society if the core of the study, which is covered during the study.

However, the greatest challenge for me at school was management of time. I had been a procrastinator, which made it hard for me to finish assignments on time. Faced with a challenge of choosing to do things in the right way or risk failing in exam, I had to change for the better. I established that is ideal for me to study well by working closely with the teacher than trying to be own my own. Through social studies class, I have developed more knowledge about how social relationships are nurtured and sustained, harmful relationships and their building blocks, and why human beings establish relationships. In social studies, human beings are brought out as social by nature, they have to socialize in order to survive and meet their various needs (Russell, 2011).

Social studies have helped in building my understanding of social life and how best to create and maintain healthy relationships across the ethnic, cultural, religious, age, and political lines.  The introduction to this subject did provide a solid ground that increased my desire to learn more about social life. A good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of each other helps one to know which button to press and what to avoid. The learners develop skills and knowledge that can help them to assist the society solve social problem (Russell, 2011). Social studies class has opened me up to the real understanding of human society. I have a better grasp of what shapes human social life than before.

I have come to understand that racism or ethnicity does not define the goodness of badness of individuals. Instead, this are just human creation to divide the society into various groups. A good understanding of social studies has helped me to appreciate the other people’s social statuses and life without being judgemental. The expectation of a social studies student is what informs my view on this subject. Going to school is helpful when the learner can appreciate what is taught and apply it in real life situation.

Part 2

Social studies can be generally understood as the study of human interactions and their environment. The subject dwells much on relationship between people, groups of people, and factors that define and influence these relations.  Students who take this subject as a course of study have expose to salient factors that inform social life. Moreover, they get to learn more about the dynamics of human relationships. In social studies, the learners are exposed to in-depth analysis of socialization between people. The driving forces in such interactions are studied to establish common trends and why they happen.  Consequently, this helps the learner to appreciate various interactions between human beings of groups.

A person can know that he or she understands something well by being in a position to clearly define and explain it with ease and without leaving salient features outside.  A good reflection should offer a vivid and concise image of what one has experienced before. Consequently, when the reflection is well done, it suffice to say that one has comprehended something. An individuals can only offer a recap of what he understands and try to contextualize it with its usefulness in life.

Study groups at school made it easier to grasp what is taught, contributing to my love for the course. A person who fathoms this subject matter. Social studies is a multifaceted discipline, which is makes it a more interesting subjected of study. However, a grasp of integral parts of it makes one able to comprehend it.  The ability to perceive social studies manifests in the ability to offer a succinct and apt reflection on its topical issues that I was introduced to in class.





Russell, W. B. (2011). Contemporary social studies: An essential reader. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publication.

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