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Paper Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Best alternative to resolve the case
  3. Implementation plan
  4. Conclusion

Red Carnation Case Study


            The Wexler town has a public library established in 1921, when the town was not much developed as it is now. The founding staff of the library are about to retire led by the existing director. Therefore in a span of a few years, the whole staff of the library would have been replaced. The board of trustees of the library are having a first chance to evaluate the development plan of the library as they seek a replacement for the retiring director. The trustees need to find out if their current policies and mission is in accordance with the needs of the Wexler community that is served by the library. They also need to find out their strengths and weaknesses as measured by the library programs. As a golden opportunity not to be wasted, the board wants a community needs assessment survey to be carried out and the information thereafter collected should be tabulated analysed and interpreted to the board for proper implementation. In addition, the board is seeking to be taken through the process of hiring library staff other than the director. It is believed that the new director to be chosen by the board will be competent in choosing staff that will commit to the success of the library.

Best Alternative to Resolve the Case

The best approach to fulfilling the requirements of the board of trustees of the Wexler library is to carry out the community needs assessment survey, after coming up with a community profile. Once the survey has been carried out, the findings should be used to be used develop an expansion plan. The plan will have the goals and objectives carried on from the previous year and also include those for the coming year. It will be implemented in a year and include the input of the board and friends as well as other community special groups. Implementation will be managed through a forum consisting of the above bodies so that the needs of the community leadership are all addressed as identified in the assessment survey results.

The Wexler community will agree that their library’s priorities should include having adequate books, reference material and above all the staff should be knowledgeable and friendly. In view of the universal expectations of the community and to fulfil the request of the board of trustees, the first step of the assessment will be to come up with a profile of the library in terms of what is available and what is on offer (Yellow Head Regional Library, n.d.). As it stands, the Wexler library has 59 staff comprising of 15 professionals and 31 clerical. It serves 78,000 people and hold a total of 427,105 book volumes and offers online services for 15 subjects. Other than that the library has special collections and is spread into four branches.

After profiling the library, the community will be profiled so that a careful comparison may be carried out. The community profile will include multiple criteria because focus groups and individuals have different needs. This provides a simpler approach to prioritize needs because criteria are dealt with one at a time. It therefore becomes easy to point out the feasibility of the survey and direction the assessment should take (Southwest Compressive Centre, 2008). To carry out this, questionnaires shall be used and they’ll be tailored to reflect what the community wishes to see from the library service, what the community does for recreation that affects library use and how the recreational facilities are spread. The availabilities of other social amenities will also be captured on the questionnaires. The library staff will engaged in the handing out and distribution the questionnaires and when required will help in drafting specific questions in the questionnaire. The staff will also be interviewed as well as the current director who will then be asked to provide a tour of the library facility (Yellow Head Regional Library, n.d.). Secondly, focus groups will like the “Friends”, will be engaged in discussions that will yield information and ideas about the library. Finally sample interviews with random individual’s residents of Wexler will be conducted. Other information about the library especially relevant background data and community will be obtained from the record and data like the library records, the town’s statistics like census, as well as from the Council-Manager government. Other social factors like entertainment will be captured through the outlined ways so that their influence on library perception and use is also analysed. Finally, a SWOT analysis with the board of trustees and friends group will be done (Owens, 2008).

To ensure that sample interviews are completely representative, all recreational centres, schools, hospitals, accommodation facilities and entertainment facilities shall be used as test areas. The collected data will then be simplified into numerical quantities to allow for correlative and regressive analysis (Yellow Head Regional Library, n.d.). The findings of the relationship between the community and the library will then be juxtaposed against the results of the focus group discussions and the goals of the board of trustees. Overall themes that emerge will then be noted (Ward, 1990). The magnitude of the difference between what exists now and what is needed is then known.

The post of assistant director will need to be filled with a person who is well trained, who will do well with the given resources at the time, and demonstrate possession of excellent knowledge well as customer service, be aware of other facilities providing information needs in Wexler. Above all the successful applicant will have demonstrated proper managerial knowledge of the facility and other library staff and have willingness for apprenticeship on areas they’re not familiar (Wedgeworth, 1993). Finally the applicant must have an above average conflict management skills. After thorough scrutiny of their credentials in the resumes and testimonials, successful applicants will be called for competency based interview. The applicants will be tested on the following skills: communication, ability to deliver results and resolve conflicts under pressure, ability to organize and prioritize leadership skills as well as the ability to isolate problems and solve them (Interview Skills Consulting, n.d.). Other abilities to be tested will be determined by the interviewing board as need are identified. To fill the position with the best individual, the director will formulate a case study containing all possible variables to be considered in gauging the competencies of the applicant. This will bring out the hidden skills or lack of them that the applicant possesses (Tellis, 1997). Other than solving the case study, the applicant will be subjected to a possible case scenario of conflict resolution and motivating library staff when the director is unavailable. These scenarios will be made up of library staff that will provide a real diverse workforce and different organizational levels (American Library Association, n.d.). After passing all these tests the candidate will have demonstrated fitness for the job of assistant director.

Implementation Plan

In the implementation of the findings of the survey, the board will be required to assist. Their major input will be to offer goals and objectives from the previous year and for next year (Ward, 1990). In the coming 5 years the population of Wexler is expected to grow to 92000 and reach 100,000 in ten years. That is a total increase of 12000 people in ten years. If the Wexler library is to adequately serve this population, it needs to be expanded to be able to serve more than the 78000 that it currently does. A strategic plan should be formulated on how the library is going to fill in need as the population and lifestyle of Wexler changes. A building committee made up of the trustees, friends, staff and community members should then deliberate on the expansion in accordance with the findings of the assessment. The board of trustees has been frank to say they have no experience of these exercise, therefore professional experts should be engaged to provide guidance on funding (Owens, 2008).


The assessment survey suggested here is comprehensive and will enable the board of trustees of the Wexler library to know the Wexler community and review its services in terms of what it’s doing wrong or what it is missing. The survey does not need the employment of a consultant except for the funding stage of implementation. Secondly the procedures outlined for the assistant director will display the personality and abilities of the applicants in the library environment. Finally, under all possible eventualities that the board comes up with, the option of expansion is inevitable, given the rising population of Wexler.

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