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The word plagiarism is actually derived from the Latin word plagiarius, which means kidnapping or abducting. Plagiarism is unlawful vice which involves usage of another person’s work and presenting it as yours without acknowledgement. This includes usage of their publications such as books and other medium. This is a common and wide spread practice mainly in the academic sector. According to UK Plagiarism Advisory Service, (June 2004) plagiarism is mostly intentional and is brought about by too much workload which encourage it thus resulting to laziness. Martin (1994) acknowledged that it may also be unintentional due to lack of proper understanding of the subject matter under study. This vice should be highly discouraged due to brain washing of people’s ideas as it tends to overshadow creativity and innovation. Public enlightment about the vice is highly required in order to edge out this outrageous behavior. This should involve the acknowledgement of the causes, types, consequences of plagiarism and measures of how to prevent it.


Plagiarism is brought about by many factors of which include: Desperation; in many occasions this is brought about by too much workload. The desire and pressure to complete the task in the stipulated time calls for development of new tactics of which plagiarism is the most adopted vice. This in turn leads to laziness and poor time management thus making plagiarism a formality. Writing anxiety; this result from low self esteem causing people to lack confidence in their writing abilities and installs negativity in relation to this writing profession. Also lack of language proficiency and temptations from various reverence cites especially the internet is a bigger blow to plagiarism. Careless note-taking is another major challenge as many people not necessary students have developed poor note-taking skills. This forces many people to embrace plagiarism due to fear of failure of their projects or research works in order to succeed in their endeavors. Restlessness and recklessness by the respective authority to handle this matter with chastity have led to widespread culture of plagiarism since many have managed to get along with it without being noticed thus encouraging others to follow the same.

There are several types of plagiarism;

The most common type being the copy and paste (Full Plagiarism). This is presentation of your facts and ideas without any alteration from the original source of reference.

Word switching (Minimal Plagiarism); this mostly involve replacing of some words or facts from the original source of reference with your own.

Idea plagiarism; often many people find it difficult to express their thoughts in their own words and finally end up adopting the original content form the source without changing the context of the matter due to inferiority complex.

Style plagiarism; this generally involve changing of the formats and styling effects of the content from the source but the context remains unchanged.

Consequences of plagiarism are of very high magnitude and long term effects. They may results in hurting of oneself and others. Plagiarism also undermines the whole notion of academic integrity on which the academic world is grounded by jeopardizing the integrity of the grading system. It may lead to loss of jobs and reputations to people in academic and scientific communities. According to Baylor institution, “plagiarism have serious penalties in academic scenario which include; receiving zero on the assignment, Failing the course, Suspension, Expulsion and students may have their diplomas revoked after they have graduated” Also according to Chandramita Bora, “plagiarism is a subject matter of copyright infringement law and unfair competition, and can attract legal and monetary penalties for the violators. The offender may be penalized to compensate for the loss of profit of the original writer. Sometimes, penalties for plagiarism can include criminal punishments and imprisonment”

Due to the criminal nature of this vice serious measures should be taken into consideration to avoid it. A general change of attitude is of vital importance in curbing this vice. In research writing put into account the following tips in order to overcome plagiarism;

Paraphrase using use your own words to express ideas and trust your instincts Use quotation marks whenever you are presenting what someone have written or said. Cite the sources of reference from which you have borrowed you idea(s) from. Not all sources are worth of citing, therefore being keen to evaluate you sources. Manage your time properly in order to have enough time to research for your work and meet the required deadline. Consult your instructor in areas where you need more clarification or understanding of the topic matter. Adopt an effective note-taking technique to enable you analyze and evaluate the notes from all your sources.


Plagiarism is a deeply rooted vice and therefore keen attention is required if we are to edge it out off our society. Its major causes, forms and consequences should be clearly stipulated and laid down for awareness to everybody General sensitization of the public in regards to plagiarism is vital importance in on order to install good morals and enhance creativity.










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