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Plagiarism is defined as closely imitating, copying or stealing other people ideas or information

and using them as yours without indicating or saying where you gathered them from. For instance,

An author may use words of another author in his art or use words of another artist in a dialogue and claim that it is his or her own idea but in real sense he has copied things that have been said or done earlier on. All this forgery is plagiarism because the art he or she is claiming to be his is someone else idea, not his.Adirector of a company mayalso imitate or use a name of another companyto markethis products. This too is plagiarism and can even cause harm to him because it is illegal.To plagiarize is to doexactly what others are doing or have done without letting them know or agreeing that you got the idea from them.

There are several causes of plagiarism. One of them is lack of confidence, whereby a student may not believe in his or her writing ability. This will force him or her to plagiarize. The remedy to this problem is to provide him with frequent write to learn exercise so that he gets exposed to it. Another cause of plagiarism is procrastination. This   is caused by assigning students with loads of assignment which they cannot handle at the set time. This can be stopped or prevented by breaking the assignments into stages. Laziness and deception is another cause of plagiarism. In this case, some lazy students who never want to think find themselves in this act. To stop this, one should provide them with assignment that makes it difficult to plagiarize.

Another cause is careless note-taking .Many students have poor practices when it comes to note taking

Especially notes for research papers. This can easily come to a halt by sharing your own note-taking techniques with them.

Plagiarism is also caused by lack of knowledge and inexperience. A student who knows nothing will automatically plagiarize. The best solution to this cause is to make sure that the students are exposed first to note-taking techniques and writing skills.

There are different types of plagiarism depending on the intensity of plagiarism namely; full plagiarism, partial plagiarism,mosaic plagiarism and

Full plagiarism also called complete plagiarism is where the writer copies exactly the information from another source as it is .This kind of plagiarism is in most cases the work of incompetent people in certain subjects or just the lazy who don’t want to struggle or make an effort.

Partial plagiarism is where a person combines data or information from another source in his work, not fully, but partly. He changes the language of the original content by making use of synonyms, vocabulary or changes sentences from active to passive and vice versa trying to be original but still the fact remains that the work does not contain the first-hand research.

Minimalistic plagiarism is done when one copies ideas, opinions and thoughts in search a way that the work does not seem like it has been plagiarized. Here, the chances of getting caught are sparse because it is very difficult to spot plagiarism since such write-ups almost seem to be original.

Mosaic plagiarism is most common among students in learning institutions. It is either caused by lack of knowledge or ignorance about plagiarism. T he sentence change, the flow changes, but the words remain the same.

The consequences of plagiarism can be individual, professional, ethical and many more. The plagiarists include academics, professionals, students, journalists, authors and others. To start with, plagiarism allegations can cause a student to be suspended or expelled. If one is found cheating in assignment or in examinations, his academic record can put him in trouble possibly causing the student to be barred from entering the learning institution,.

Secondly, it can destroy the professional reputation of a person. This will depend on the offence and the plagiarist’spublicstature whereby the name is ruined hence ruining the possibility of one getting a meaningful career

Thirdly,once the allegations of plagiarism scar someone, his or her academic career is ruined because when one loses the ability to publish , most likely means the end of an academic position and a destroyed reputation. Other consequences are destroyed writers reputation, legal repercussions, plagiarized research and many others.

To avoid plagiarism, there are points one should give credit to; One should stop using other persons ideas, opinion or theories and speak or write his or hers ,he should also avoid using other peoples facts, statistics, graphs, drawings or any other piece of information that are not of common language. One should also avoid using quotations of another person or actual spoken or written words. All this can be achieved if a student will reads and understands the original text to understand the information well, creates a list of important information and then take the list and recompose the information by paraphrasing it.









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