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2. read the question carefully and also do not write any unrelated information into the report
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FIN30016 Management of Investment Portfolios

Assignment 2

Semester 2, 2014


NOTE: THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON Thursday, 10th October 2014

1. This assignment is to be completed individually.

2. If you think it is helpful you may consider including a copy of your worksheet along with your

submission as supplement. However, the report in word document will be marked.

3. Provide word count at the end of each part.

4. This assignment is marked out of 50%. It will late be adjusted and contributes 20% of the total

assessment for this unit.

5. The due date for this assignment is Friday 10th October 2014 at 4.45pm. Students should make

themselves aware of the Extensions Policy and Late Penalties Policy, which can be found in the

FIN30016 Unit Outline. Please get in touch with the unit coordinator by 3rd October if you

require an extension.

6. Assignment submissions must include an Assignment Coversheet which is available on the

Blackboard website. Any submissions without the coversheet will be marked as zero (0).

7. Students should ensure that they keep an electronic copy of their assignment.

8. All students are reminded of the Assessment and Appeals Policy as outlined in the FIN30016

Unit Outline. FIN30016 Assignment 2 2014 Page 2

Part One (total of 35 marks)

The Australian Security Exchange (ASX) boasts one of the biggest Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

in the region.

 Go to ASX website1

and select 1 fund from each of the following category: A-REITS,

Infrastructure Funds plus 2 funds from ETF & ETCs. Make sure these funds have been in the

market for at least 2 years. In addition, use the following criteria in your selection:

a. A-REITS: Use the first alphabet in your given name to select the A-REITS with the same

alphabet. i.e. if you name is Michelle, then you could select either MPS, MGR or MIX. If

your name is Henry and there is no fund starting with “H” on the list, then go to the next

alphabet in the sequence. i.e. you could choose either IEF, IOF or ILF.

b. Infrastructure Fund: Any fund of your own choice.

c. ETFs & ETCs: 1 fund selected from either Australian Broad Based ETFs or Australian

Sector ETFs, plus 1 fund selected from either: International ETFs, International Sector

ETFS, Cash & Currency ETFs, Fixed Income ETFs or Commodity ETF & ETCs.

 Form a portfolio and apply the following allocation





Australian ETFs


International/Strategy ETFs


30% 25% 20% 25%

Question (i) (15%, 500 words)

1. Identify the investment strategy or the objectives of the infrastructure fund for part (b).

These are usually available from the annual reports or prospectus of the fund.

2. (a) Justify your decision to your selection of fund for part (c), ETFs & ETCs, above. Why have

you decided to select this particular fund over the others?

(b) Identify some potential factors that might influence their performance over the next 12



 Identify the strategy or the objective of the fund, do not discuss about who they are. Write

about the fund’s investment objectives or the type of assets that meet their requirements. That

is, if you are a potential investor how do you know if the fund you are (will) invest in, is meeting

its investment objective?

 There are thousand and one events happening in the market every day and financial markets

are closely integrated. The factors you have selected must have direct impact to the fund of

your choice. Otherwise one could relate the Tornado in Texas is set off by the flap of

Butterfly’s wings in Brazil.

Question (ii) (20%, 300 words)

3. Download their monthly closing or average prices for the last 2 years (from FinAnalysis or

Yahoo! Finance).

(a) Calculate the performance (return) of your portfolio and compare it against the return of the

benchmark ASX S&P200 index, that is:

(1) Calculate excess return and the tracking error of your portfolio.

(2) Discuss your observation from part (1).

(b) How much is your investment portfolio is influenced by

(1) Return and volatility of the Australian market? Is there a lag effect?


1 FIN30016 Assignment 2 2014 Page 3

(2) Fluctuation at the European equity markets?


 You can select which ever method of tracking error covered in Chapter 20 of the textbook.

 When you are trying to answer, if your portfolio is influenced by XYZ factor, you could use

either regression analysis or correlation. Your answer to Q3 part (a) should not be just “yes”,

“no” or “I think”. Provide some justifications in terms of “how strong/weak” the relationship is.

That is your conclusion has to be justified by a quantitative answer. Actual investment is not

just about gut feeling.

Part Two (total of 15 marks, maximum 700 words)

“…stock exchanges [are] helping companies raise funds while at the same time providing an

investment avenue for those with savings. Side by side with stock exchanges are the world‘s stock

markets. It is the stock market which allows investors to change their investment decisions.

Whereas the stock exchange provides rules .and regulations and administrates the stock market “

Bennetts, R.J.(2004)

You are required to

1) explain the role and size of the share market of Indonesia2

, including how it has developed,

its growth over the last decade, and how it is regulated.

2) Compare or contrast the difference between the Australian equity market (or an equity

market of your choice from the Asia Pacific region) and the Indonesian market.

Note: While this assignment is more of applied nature, appropriate referencing, reference list is still


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