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First Impression

            When time came for me to undertake my leadership practicum, I had mixed reactions. I kept wondering what the so much talked about ‘leadership’ is all about. From my observations of leaders in the society and descriptions in literature, it seemed to me that leadership was a complex ideology. I kept wondering if I could be described as a leader. The long awaited moment was finally here. A chance to interact, share and learn from leaders one on one. On arrival at Whispering Oaks Nursing Home,a long term care facility that holds a total of 236 patients located in Tampa FL, I was warmly welcomed by Leonard, the nurse leader who was to be my guide throughout the practicum.His warm smile gave me the assurance I so much needed and as he took me through the basics, I immediately realized leadership is not that complex at all or so I thought.

Synthesis of Experience

            As the leadership training sessions began, I was eager to learn and assimilate all details that would help me become a leader. The workshop was designed in a way that allowed for lively interactions with the leadership trainers. Within no time I could identify with the concept of leadership. The experience was enticing more so because the trainers simplified it for us. Through continuous assessment throughout the week coupled with the free discussions we held, I had by the end of the week learnt that the most important ingredient of transformational leadership is impacting positive influence upon others. I swore to myself pursue this in both my professional and personal life.

Observations of manager/leader situations

            Leonard my leadership guide did not disappoint at any instance. His presence could be felt in our group as he articulated ideas in a professional and well informed backing. He would technically convince us toward his concepts and way of thinking with so much ease, it looked ordinary. When assigned a role, Leonard would perform in accordance with instructions without raising any complaints. His adaptability to any situation was unparalleled. When needed at the forefront, he would be there leading confidently and when the situation demanded he takes a back seat, he would do so with utmost ease. I found myself learning quickly on leadership skills I had hitherto ignored thanks to him.

Recording of the leadership abilities used/observed

For me to learn more practically, I paid attention to the way the various leaders carried themselves around. It was evident that leadership was about taking initiative and influencing others to follow. I could for instance notice how easily the leaders engaged each other in discussions and consultations concerning different issues. No coercion was needed at all to propel the different leaders to take up roles and decisions. It all appeared to be part of their lives. The leadership qualities I observed and acquired included confidence, flexibility, positive attitude, open-mindedness and outright honesty under whatever circumstances.

Personal Response to Leadership Situations

I sincerely thought before this workshop that leadership is an inborn quality.Courtesy of the training however, I now feel confident and able to offer leadership if called upon. I learnt of my weaknesses and strengths and how to effectively use my abilities. I used to get intimidated by challenges so fast but nowadays I am able to handle situations however complex with confidence. I now actively engage in solving problems and chatting new ways when situations demand. I am more patient in understanding different people and appreciating their input and opinions, traits I lacked in before. I have integrated the leadership skills I acquired in my day to day undertakings and look forward to maintaining the standards onwards.

Reflection of Own Leadership Style and Skills

            When I reflect on my leadership style and skills today, I can confidently proclaim myself a transformational leader. I am able to set targets and achieve them in the right timing without compromising on standards of my work. The ability to engage actively in team work roles is another skill I have perfected.I have learnt to avoid making careless mistakes and shifting blame, a problem I was prone to before. My ability to connect with people from all walks of life and deal with them without any subjective prejudice is one skill I value. My shift from a transactional leader whose interest is doing right things into a transformational leader who aims at doing things right is a great manifestation to me. With this ability, I am confident I will realize and surpass my dreams at both personal and professional level.

Goals for Practicum

            I look forward to acquiring more skills during my practicum and effectively come out a successful leader who will command positive influence both in my professional and personal life realms.With this opportunity, I intend to utilize and refine my skills so that I emerge a renowned transformational leader ready to make a legendary impact in the nursing profession for the benefit of all mankind.




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