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The Fashion institute of Technology is internationally recognized as a college for fashion as well as design, art and business. The institute is known for its innovativeness that is unmatched. I wish to join its long line of creative and ambitious pacesetters. This essay talks about my personal skills and experience that support my intention to obtain a Fashion Merchandise Management degree from FIT.

The following skills and experiences make me a perfect candidate for Fashion Institute of Technology. I am an international student and this allows me to easily grab globalization concepts. I am keen at working behind the curtains of boutiques and fashion shops to make everything look stunning, presentable and beautiful. I already hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, marketing option and would like to infuse a fashion blend to my skills so as to become an expert in fashion merchandise management. Learning at Fashion institute of Technology will provide me with an edge in the fashion curve as I learn to use my artistic and scientific skills in developing real market strategies. I am fluent in written and spoken English and have passed my tests of English as a foreign language (TOEFL), able to socialize easily with new people from all over the world. My presence in FIT as a student will improve its cultural experience. I have already stayed in the United States for seven years and have known the country and its systems as well as the way of life of its large cities like New York.

I have business knowledge in product development that I have gained during my study for a BBA in Marketing, and I will further refine to suit the fashion industry for my future career. A BBA in Marketing introduced me to retail management and am hopeful that as a merchandise management student, I will develop my know-how in the subject further to professional standards. My communication skills are good. The FIT degree in Fashion Merchandise Management will give me an added advantage in my negotiations with suppliers and manufactures in so that my marketing message gets out to customers. I am functional in my decision making and possess a good sense of style, able to take responsibility for my decisions after analyzing issues at hand. Trends are interesting to me and I hope to develop my forecasting skills using the degree program at FIT.

I have great organizational abilities and will be able to fit into the course swiftly without major disruptions in my personal life. My interest in Fashion merchandising management is informed by a desire to have a dynamic and flexible fashion career. I also wish to learn practical skills in the best setting of the fashion world that offers every side of the fashion industry from shops, to showrooms and even firsthand networking experience. I want a global education and FIT will provide make me a merchandise manager with skills in fashion issues of major cities around the globe. I am attracted to FIT because of its internship program that makes its education unmatchable by other institutions offering the same course.

To sum up, FIT would benefit from my presence as an international student enriching its cultural diversity. My strong interest in fashion combined with skills and knowledge I already possess from a BBA Marketing degree make me a perfect candidate for the next intake by FIT. Am aware of the facilities and the nature of all-round, real hands on experience that FIT provides and I find it quite easy to fit the requirements of the Fashion Merchandise Management course to my personal routine. Lastly, I have met all the basic requirements necessary for successful admittance to the institute.



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