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Description: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!!! A) THE TERM PAPER OPTION NO LATE PAPERS will be accepted without prior consultation with the instructor. Research and prepare a term paper on a geographical subject of your choice related to the course material. If you are not sure about the suitability of your intended topic, please ask the instructor. Students are encouraged to incorporate concepts and perspectives from non-course sources into their work. The paper should contain: 1) An introduction which clearly outlines the intended purpose or theme of the paper 2) The main body of material organized in a logical succession, divided by appropriate headings 3) A concise conclusion or summary • All facts which are not common knowledge must have a source – reference. • One stylistic method of reference should be used throughout the paper – choose any of the commonly used styles. • Reference/footnotes must contain the author, year of publication, and the page of the particular reference. • A list of bibliography should be included, ensuring that all sources used are listed (including the Internet sources). The bibliography should contain about 10 to 12 sources. A variety of sources should be consulted, including books, scholarly journals and reputable Web sources. Length – 12 to 14 pages of double-spaced text excluding all maps, tables, charts, appendices and bibliography. Students are strongly encouraged to incorporate computer-generated or manually-produced maps, diagrams, charts etc. into their work. No hand-written papers will be accepted! Important: marks will be assessed on the basis of: • The ability to develop a coherent, balanced and well-supported argument • The ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources • Quality of discussion in terms of clarity, coherence and unity • The power and accuracy of observations • Writing merit including spelling, grammar and overall presentation B) THE CLASS PRESENTATION OPTION • Students will do a 15 to 20-minute presentation to the class on a geographical subject of their choice related to the course material. • Presentations may be done either by individual students, or a pair of students working together. • A sign-up sheet containing available dates will be made available for students to sign up for presentations. Sign up early to secure the date you want. · A six-page summary of your presentation, together with a complete bibliography list, is to be handed in at least one week prior to the date of your presentation. • The use of tools such as the Power Point, overhead projectors etc. is encouraged. IMPORTANT!!! Please let the instructor know at least two weeks in advance as to whether you will need to have any equipment booked (such as a computer, a slide projector etc.) for your presentation. PLEASE NOTE: The topic of your paper or presentation, together with a partial bibliography (about 6 sources) is to be handed in NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th (mid-term exam date) for the instructor’s approval. FAILURE TO MEET THIS DEADLINE WILL RESULT IN MARK DEDUCTIONS.

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