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The question of reparation of African-Americans for the effects of slave trade continues to be a complicated topic in the modern day US.   Horowitz, Chrisman and Allen have tried to offer a methodology with regards to what we need to substantiate in order to establish that slave reparations are owed. Between the two lines of arguments Chrisman and Allen offers the correct methodology to establish how the reparation issue shall be sorted out. Slavery could have not thrived if it was not supported by the then government, thus the responsibility of the government in shouldering the burden of delivering justice to the victims (Lomelino, 2014).

The fact that slavery contributed to the growth of the US GDP points out to the fact that the privileged whites enjoyed the fruits of slavery. Racist laws and policies were advanced by the then government, supported by the white majority, thus the collective responsibility of the whites to harm perpetrated against the African Americans (Lomelino, 2014).

Chrisman and Allen ably argue that debts and obligation can be passed down from one generation to another, and that slavery had far reaching effects that negatively affected the life of African-American generations, many years after slavery. In this respect, it is ideal for the descendants of African-Americans to receive reparations from the descendants of slave owners and supporters, thus the responsibility of the American government and other entities who perpetrated slavery to compensate African-Americans (Lomelino, 2014).

However, despite Chrisman and Allen trying to poke holes in Horowitz’s methodology and affirm their push for reparation of African-American for the ills of slavery, their methodology does not explicitly explain how the reparation shall be done (Lomelino, 2014). For instance can it be in terms of money, and if so who will receive it and what criterion shall be used to distribute it among the beneficiary?

Based on Chrisman and Allen methodology, America owes slave reparations; this is for the damage done to the slaves and their descendants. The effects of slavery have contributed to structural problems that continue to affects the African-Americans, thus the need to compensate them.

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