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this two question, please answer the question separately.
Assume you are a police officer pursuing a person under arrest who stole an officer’s gun and escaped from the police vehicle. Analyze the relevance of the utilitarian approach to evaluating consequences of decisions about the pursuit. Recommend at least two options the pursuing officers could take in the situation.
Assume you are a law enforcement professional who has taken a course in ethics and decision making. Examine two possible conflicting issues that might arise when duties and obligations collide. Describe a situation and apply Kantianism to recommend viable, acceptable options.
Support your views with examples. (Cite your sources.)

Assume you are a new police chief of a department with a history of bias against protected groups (e.g., minorities, gays, and women), addressing the entire police force. As the new chief you state: “We cannot think critically if we use bias.” Support this statement with reasons and at least two recommendations for improving decisions in the field.
From the e-Activity, examine two “common errors of relevance.” Discuss the damage the errors can cause and recommend at least two ways to avoid them.

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