Analyze YOU in college from a business perspective


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Analyze YOU in college from a business perspective
1. What is your mission?
2. Who are your stakeholders?
3. What are your objectives
4. Conduct a SWOT on yourself
5. Identify post-graduate work that you anticipate being qualified for and capable of doing

My outline(did not finished). and feed back from teacher please rewrite all of them.

Mission: To contain global and multicultural vision. (What does this mean?)
Shareholder: Student in Syracuse University. Shareholders are people who have a vested interest in you – not you personality.
Objective: As an international student in Syracuse University, studying is not only duty for me, connecting the Chinese culture and global is an important and meaningful issue on campus. (This should be a goal or set of goals that you can achieve and that work toward your overall mission. Do you ultimately want to be an event organizer?)

I was bone in China. It is strength because I was familiar with Chinese culture and fluent in Chinese. I am able to introduce the China to others.

I experienced American style. How does this help you?
I have been studying in USA for more than four years. I graduated from an American high school and get the chance to share interests with the American students. Thus I would like to compare the different live style between Chinese and American based on my concrete experiences.

I am number of GCC.
I am currently a number in the Global China Connection on campus, which an organization that encourages social, cultural, and business exchange between China and the Western world. We offers programs to encourage foreigners to learn the Chinese language, experience Chinese culture, and build relationships with native Chinese people in order to promote mutual understanding (How does this help you achieve your objective?)

Language barrier
I learn English as a second language so that I cannot utilize it as perfect as native English speakers. Only can I understanding and speaking is not enough. To be a successful event organizer needs comprehensive language based, not only in English, but other languages.

I am not Sociability.
It is weakness on personality aspect. I am not a talkative people and always discomfit speak in the public.

Plan to study abroad.
I am planning to study aboard to gain more multicultural experience.

Meet different people with cultural background.
As a national uniting in American, a lot of immigrants settle their family here. It provides large opportunity to meet different people with cultural background.

Build the partnership with other culture organization or individual. Share different to highlight school communities.

-Hard to break stereotypes
As a Chinese, I do have some stereotype that cannot be broken. Such as I only shake hands when encountering friends instead of hug each other.

-Difficult to enter new sociocultural group because of dissimilar thoughts and accustoms


(I need you to state a mission and objective that we both agree are attainable. Then, I want you to go through and explain every element of you situation analysis. Lastly, I’d like you to reconsider who your shareholders are – the people who benefit when you benefit and pay when you pay.

Does that help?)

Others example:
Example SWOT

Mission: Improve my reputation as a Marketing Professor
Publish 5 papers in top journals within 3 years·
Increase the number of marketing majors at Syracuse·

I am well trained as a researcher and I consistently conduct high· quality research. This means that the papers I submit to journals have a better chance of being accepted.
I make marketing fun. I try to use marketing examples that help· students understand the things that marketing enables to happen.

I am the only tenure-track consumer behavior professor at Whitman. This means I am often unable to discuss research with my colleagues and must instead, shop ideas at conferences. This increases the amount of time required for me to publish a paper.
I do not have corporate marketing experience. Although I have· consulted for several entrepreneurs, I have never held a position in the marketing department of a firm. This means that students might not find me to be a credible source of information for being successful in industry.

79573Analyze YOU in college from a business perspective


Conducting research with other behavioral faculty at Whitman as· well as the rest of Syracuse. This gives me an opportunity to qualify for interdisciplinary research grants, as well as to shop my ideas around to other researchers in fields related to consumer behavior and marketing, including psychology, sociology, and management.
Incorporating guest lecturers and real-life marketing· opportunities into the classroom helps me increase student interest in marketing as a subject, and can help convince students to consider marketing more seriously.

Presenting research at conferences gives others access to my ideas and thus an opportunity to submit that similar before me. This means that by the time my research is submitted, it might not be viewed as “new” or as making a substantial contribution to the body of knowledge.
Other fields appeal to students more than marketing does because· the earning potential seems higher. By the time students take MAR255, they have already decided to major in other disciplines, based mostly on earning potential, instead of interest.
Plan for the Future:
I will continue producing and trying to publish my research, as well as bringing tangible examples, exercises, discussions, and people into the classroom. Although I cannot help that I am the only CB faculty at Whitman, I can make connections with the CB researchers at Cornell, NYU, and Columbia in order to increase both the size of my network and the number of friendly reviews of my research before it is presented publically.
I will also continue networking with industry people, friends from college and graduate schools, and local business people to increase the amount of people who can contribute firsthand knowledge of marketing within industry to my students. I can also inform my students of the kinds of opportunities a marketing degree affords them and of the true earning potential.
Word count: 483

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