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For this assignment you must describe the significance of each term. By significance I
mean either the historical, political, sociological, or economic etc. importance of each term. Try to think critically about the reason why these terms are important to our society and our government. Each term should need no more than three sentences!! I do not want the definition. I want the significance in YOUR OWN WORDS!
1. Federalism
2. Sovereignty
3. Expressed powers
4. Implied powers
5. Necessary and proper clause
6. Reserved powers
7. Police power
8. Concurrent powers
9. Full faith and Credit Clause
10. Privileges and immunities
11. Home rule
12. Dual federalism
13. Commerce clause
14. Cooperative federalism
15. Grants-in-aid
16. Categorical grants-in-aid
17. Project grants
18. Formula grants
19. Unfunded mandates
20. Block grants
21. Devolution
22. Checks and balances
23. Legislative Supremacy
24. Writ of Habeas Corpus

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