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1. Use RapidMiner software to do the association rules mining exercise described in Chapter 5 of the Matthew North book, “Data Mining for the Masses” (PDF).

2. Create a Microsoft Word document and save it as your own name.

3. Do all the hands-on work in Chapter 5 of the North book (PDF). In step 13 of the PDF, set minimum confidence to 30% and run the analysis. Create a screenshot of your RapidMiner output (similar to Figure 5-11 in the PDF but with 30% confidence instead of 50%). Paste the screenshot in the Word document from Step 2.

4. Interpret your findings: below the screenshot from Step 3, please answer the following three questions.

(A) Which of the rules generated by the analysis in Step 3 above is the best or the strongest among all of these rules? List this rule using the notation such as X à Y [Expected length of your answer: one line.]

(B) What makes the rule that you listed above as the best or the strongest rule? In other words, what criteria did you consider in determining the best rule? [Expected length of your answer: 1-3 sentences.]

(C) The city manager has the resources to contact only one community-based organization or group and request them to work together on community projects with members of a religious organization/group. Based on the association rules mining analysis you conducted in Step 3, what organization should he contact? (In other words, members of which organization are most likely to be also the members of a religious organization?) [Expected answer: name of the organization.]

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