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QVP T3 remodel 1


The five dynamics explained have pointed my personal strengths which are Execute and Examine. From the report, I have realized that Execute and Examine working styles are effortless for me, but it is naturally comfortable for me to use these styles natively. This makes me agree with the findings of this course entirely. Usually, it has become part of me to ask the WHY questions because I need the truth and structure so that I may perform well. I am a goal and detail oriented person because I have realistic expectations of myself and I also do consider expectations of others. My Execute energy has now focused on the completion of all my tasks on time.

My personal challenges come from the Explore and Excite working styles because they create an imbalance on the energy graph since they require deliberate energy. It has become difficult for me to create when thinking; thus I have no new ideas and concepts. On the Excite working style, my energy levels take a high percentage of my energy thus costing me extra effort when I join social activities.

Laws of conversion and the associated meters do give the best sets of benchmarks which are used to compare conversations against. I am usually authentic in all my conversations. The conversation meter has helped me to affirm my communication style which forms useful values in the conversations. In my talks, I rely on accuracy by listening keenly to what others are saying and giving them reliable data and facts they may need. I tend to appreciate others points and been curious to understand their conversational subject. This creates a room for me to boost the conversations so as to end up with mutual understanding which has shared conclusions from all the parties. Learning about sincerity and pretense being a waste of thoughts in any conversation, has allowed me to be focused on all the conversations by controlling my bioreactions which may steer me away from the conversation.

I have planned to be the best student. Knowing and understanding the weaknesses and strengths which have been outlined in the five dynamics report, it will give me a chance to anticipate and be able to change all my working styles in order to accommodate the different challenges and tasks ahead. I know it will be a difficult task for me. I will force myself to be creative to come up with new ideas and also to participate in social events and study forums. Understanding the difference of the working styles, knowing the wrong and useful ways of communicating has shaped my thinking skills, and it will create a room for me to adjust correctly when working with others by being a good communicator who’s able to control all the emotions and accommodate all the school challenges.

So far, this course is helpful to me. It has taught me more about myself through class interactions with others and exercises. I have come to understand about my communication and working styles. I have learned the ideas and concepts of been mindful when it comes to communication. It has taught me the value cycles and waste plus how I should bring the best value in any conversation. I have learned my best working style and how to work with others with different styles. Overall, I know and believe that this course will hugely help me in my life by applying all the ideas and concepts of mindfulness which I have been taught. This means that this course will help me to develop professional skills because I have observed that mighty leaders usually are great communicators – and I want to be one of such influential leaders. In conclusion, having control in my conversations, professional career, school interactions and applying what I have learned in this course will boost me to be a better leader. I really loved this class.


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Boyatzis, R. E., Boyatzis, R., & McKee, A. (2005). Resonant leadership: Renewing yourself and connecting with others through mindfulness, hope, and compassion. Harvard Business Press.

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