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Submission Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

*Must be PRINT OUT & Attached to the Final Examination Part 2 for Credit—No Exceptions*



Directions: DO NOT CHANGE OR ALTER TEMPLATE. Fill in the following categories with the necessary information. Strong answers are thorough, specific, and align with the overall research method of choice.

Part of Research Study Fill in the Blank
1. Research Topic

-Broadly state your topic in 3-5 sentences

-why you are interested in this topic?

2. Research Question

-must be in question format

3. Hypothesis / or Speculation

-Must be in sentence format

4. Literature Review

-Must be 5 empirical or scholarly articles in ASA Format

-bullet point format

5. Theoretical Approach

-Must Explain / Define the goal of this theoretical approach.

6. Research Method- Must Include the Following:

a. Methodological Approach?

b. Level of Analysis & explain what is the goal of this level of analysis?

c. N= sample size? Why this size?

d. One Dependent Variable?

e. Five Independent Variables?

f. Two Control Variables?



7. Limitations

-Must include personal limitations

-Must include methodological limitations

8. Future Studies

-Must include how you will expand this study in a future study

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