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This will be a three paragraph essay. After reading the 10 items included in the Bill of Rights (found in your American Perspectives Reader), which one of the ten rights do you feel has been the most important in protecting citizens from possible governmental abuse? Why did you choose this right? How as it affected you personally? This essay should be succinct and to the point. It should be approximately 1 – 2 double-spaced page long. Correct spelling and grammar are important. Compose your answer prior to beginning the exam. Once you have started the exam, copy and paste your answer into the answer box. use the command, (CONTROL V). If you cannot paste, just type your answer into the space provided. If you are using Firefox, however, there should be no problems pasting in your essay. If you do not manage to submit this essay into the proper place, five points will be deducted off the score. Of course, copying and pasting material from the Internet into your answer box will result in a score of 0 for the entire exam. In fact, there is no need to use any outside Internet resource, at all. Just read the Bill of Rights and compose your answer from your own thoughts.

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