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Symposium Script (Rough Draft)


As you move towards presenting your work in the Symposium, this assignment asks you to complete a rough draft of your Symposium Presentation script. While you may not have all of your images finalized yet, putting together a draft of the script should help you gain a better sense of how you will allot time and slides to the ideas you want to cover during your Symposium Presentation.

Getting Started:

Think about how you want to narrow your focus from the topic of your earlier research on the ARP. What idea from your research do you want to convey to an audience of your peers? How might you address or complement the images you plan on using in your presentation?

Revisit the work you did on the Symposium Presentation Outline-to-Script Worksheet. What ideas do you want to convey with each slide and what might be the most engaging way to convey them? How will what you say in each slide transition from the slide that came before or build toward the slide that will come after?

Draft your script. It may be helpful at this stage count up your words. Are you at least close to remaining within the constraints of the assignment (50-65 words per path step)?

Keep in Mind:

  • Structure: How will you hook your audience and introduce your idea? How will your presentation lead to a conclusion or raise a question which will open up a discussion with your audience? How will you transition between slides or ideas in your Symposium Presentation?
  • Pacing: Remember that you have 50-65 words for each of the 15 path steps. How many words do you actually need to fully express an idea? While your phrasing may not yet be exact, use this draft to get a sense of how much you can say per slide. You may still need to trim or add words, but you should be getting close.
  • Visuals: How do the images on the screen complement what will be saying at any given time? Will you directly address and explain each image? What purpose does the image serve in relation to the script?
  • Tone: What tone should your writing take in a presentation for an audience of your classmates? What ethos are you attempting to convey through your narration?
  • Context: How do the ideas your present in your script draft connect to the course theme or other classroom discussions?
  • Audience: How do you plan on engaging your classmates in the symposium setting? What choices are you making in your script that will appeal to them?


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