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This project will allow you to continue to tailor your coaching development through videos (TEDTalks), podcasts, audiobooks, and/or books.  Along with the same theme as lesson 5, select an area of coaching that you want to continue to develop or an area that you think would be useful in your current/future profession to focus on in this task.  You will select five different development tools/medians to help you write your paper.  As before, introduction why did you select these topics and types of delivery (video, podcast, audiobook, book, etc.) . Seven paragraphs or more for the paper  (strengths, areas of weakness), Conclusion: How can these help you to develop your coaching skills. You will need to cite your sources and use APA formatting 4-6 pages in length.

Introduction:  15 points

Area 1:  12 points

Area 2:  12 points

Area 3:  12 points

Area 4:  12 points

Area 5:  12 points

Conclusion:  15 points

APA/Format/Grammar:  10 points

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