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Choose an essay cited by Bekkers and Wiepking in their review and explain in greater depth how this article helps to explain a particular motivation to give. The purpose of this assignment is to see the range of incentives for giving and how those incentives manifest.  Students will be asked to post this assignment to the Can

Find the essay using the library resources and analyze it.  In your post (250-500 words) you should do the following.

  1. List the full citation.
  2. Describe how you found the essay (what search engine did you use? What database did you use to get full text or did you find the original in the library.
  3. Describe the goal of the research design. What did the author set out to test?
  4. Describe the methods. Was it a survey, descriptive work, lab or field study?
  5. Describe the results. What was significant?  Were there secondary results?  Were these also discussed in the literature review by Bekkers and Wiepking?
  6. Did Bekkers and Wiepking leave out any important points from the text?

Please see the attachment for Bekkers and Wiepking’s review. The full citations are at the end of the attachment. Please choose an essay from the cited sources, and write a review for it. Be sure to answer all the questions listed above.

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