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Research Essay

Write a 3000-4000  word essay on one of the following topics:

“Theism in a Shamanistic World,” “Theism in a Postmodern World,” or “Theism in a Neo-Pagan World.”

Note: if you are writing on Shamanism, understand that “shaman” is the current word for practitioners of magic(k) such as Wiccans, Voodoo, Santeria, or other indigenous religions. Your paper may concentrate on one of these or on modern Goddess worship.

Follow these instructions:

· Papers are to be constructed as an essay with a thesis, body, and conclusion. Papers are to be 3000-4000 words long (use the “word count” function under “tools” in your word processor).

· I strongly encourage you to make an appointment with the University Writing Center and consult with the staff on a draft of your research essay. The Writing Center will help you to avoid errors and to write a better paper. The Writing Center staff will not edit or re-write your paper for you, but they will ask questions that will help you see where your writing can be improved.


· Papers may address specific issues such as ethics in Postmodern thought or in Shamanistic or Neo-Pagan thinking, or particular aspects of Postmodernism or Shamanism. For example, one could write on voodoo, Wicca, or Goddess worship as one aspect of Shamanism. One could write on the idea of truth, ethics, or knowledge in Postmodernism. One could write on one kind of Neo-Paganism such as Asatrú or the worship of a particular god or goddess.

· All papers should answer the question of how Christian Theism relates to a Postmodern, Shamanistic, or Neo-Pagan worldview. Issues which should be covered include (but are not restricted to) such issues as:

o How does Christian Theism compare or contrast with Postmodernism/Shamanism/Neo-Paganism? Concentrate on worldview issues here rather than on similarities in outward rites, etc.

o What common ideas do Christian Theism and Postmodernism/Shamanism/Neo-Paganism have with each other?

o How can Christian Theism dialogue or discourse with postmodern/shamanistic/Neo-Pagan people?

o How must Christian Theists live out their convictions in a postmodern, shamanistic, or Neo-Pagan world? This question asks you to think about how Christians should live in a society that was predominantly postmodern, shamanistic, or Neo-Pagan.

o Note that it is not necessary to agree with Christian theistic thought in order to write from this viewpoint. One may write what one would like to see in the lives of professing Christians.

· The conclusion to this paper must include a personal application to the author’s beliefs and lifestyle.

5 sources (minimum) are required not including any course texts. Course texts may and should be used, but they do not count toward this minimum. Internet sources are not allowed in your research paper, including Google Books and previews. Sources other than your textbooks should be scholarly books or articles.  E-books and full-text articles (which can be viewed on your computer) from the Regent University Library databases at are allowed and welcomed as sources.  English dictionaries, concordances, and study Bibles are not considered theological sources.  In all forms, books, collections of essays or journal articles are preferred.

Note that if the student chooses to write on the Shamanistic world, then no grimoires or 

books of spells, incantations, or magical recipes may be consulted. Books which

discuss beliefs and practices of Shamanistic individuals or groups may be used in the

paper. However, books on how to perform magick must not be consulted.

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