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Question 1

The legalization of Marijuana in the United States has its own advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons can be due to social reasons, law enforcement reasons, and fiscal reasons. Some of the social reasons are, the Marijuana prohibition is an intrusion into the personal freedom of people’s choice. It has proved not to be harmful to people’s health like other drugs like tobacco and alcohol that have been made legal and are regulated by the American Food and Drug Administration. The Marijuana has also proved to have health benefits from those suffering from AIDS and cancer. The illegal buying and selling of this drug has resulted into violence and crime increase in America and the America-Mexico boarders. It will therefore be good when the drug I s just legalized.

There are law enforcement reasons as to why America should legalize Marijuana. From the FBI statistics, there are close to 587,700 people who are arrested early for the marijuana related issues like rape and murder. Therefore marijuana arrestment of people is like a burden to the judicial system. Also the offenses related to marijuana come with very harsh penalties which may result in undue social harm. It will therefore easier if it was legalized. The drug is one of top selling agricultural product in America. Therefore, legalizing the drug will save the government from the excessive spending on enforcement. But when the drug is used for long it is dangerous to people’s health. it can also lead to usage of other harmful drugs.

Question 2

There is a big connection between social justice issues like the blatant and the institutional racism, and literacy education. Literacy is the main foundation of economic, social and educational success. Lack of literacy result in the failure of social values thus the social justice issues. Lateralization is basically the main cause of the social issues and the main key to address it. It has always been said that if at all the volunteers and educators did their job well; there will be no social justice issues like unemployment, classism and poverty.

Literacy help in ensuring that all students have the necessary skills in all subjects needed in analyzing, communicating, designing, problem-solving, arguing, negotiating, planning , among others. Literacy education therefore has a great impact to the social justice issues. Literacy education gives the students a chance to contributing to social justice new learning. The literacy enables students to engage and adapt in the media context, plus the social justice issues to not exist yet. The literacy education is therefore the solution to the social justice issues.


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Edelsky, C. (2006). With literacy and justice for all: Rethinking the social in language and education. Routledge.

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