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The text offers various insights in the topic of sexuality and relations, which help to deconstruct Madonna-Whore Complex. First, from the readings, it is clear that women engage in lesbian relationships because of varying reasons, one of them beings resistance to male dominance and oppression. In essence, this is nothing to do with abnormality in their love and sexual desires as Madonna-Whore complex may want to project. Lesbians have no desire for men, they instead draw their sexual satisfaction from fellow women in what can be seen as resistance against male domination (Rich, n.d). Consequently, these are people who have resisted what is considered conventional marriage to chart their own social relation that is different from the social norms that are set by the society.

Moreover, from the texts, it is explicit that mothering and socialization impacts on sexual orientation of individuals. Heterosexuality is a socially construed arrangement, which lesbians and gays fight in trying to establish their homosexual relations. Madonna-whore Complex does not aptly capture the existence of lesbians and gays, instead it tries to deny the fact that such sexual orientation exists, arguing for the existence of division between the sexual currents and the affectionate in male desire (Rich, n.d). However, this is not the case, and women sexual life cannot revolve around men alone and vice versa.

Eroticism can be attained without necessarily being stimulated by a person of opposite sex, hence the existence and survival of lesbian. Sexual relations are influenced by individuals’ preferences, which inform their choices. Heterosexual relations are popular and most people, women included belong to this category. It is the affection of women to men and vice versa that determines how they relate to each other in a sexual relations. Madonna-Whore complex does not reflect how the sexuality and relations work, instead it is a skewed way of looking at complexities in sexual affairs that is laced with racism.

Racism is used to divide the society into the first class and second class citizens. Women from the despised races are likely to be sexually abused by white men, not because they are whores but because the racial divisions creates inferior and superior groups (Rich, n.d).  Sexual slavery is often used against women from non-white communities because of racial discrimination against them, hence the permeation of racism in sexual relations. Consequently, it is easy for the non-white women to be abused and treated as whores by the white, who on the other hand see the white women as saints and desirable.


Clothing and fashions does not per se define the role of the attendant but how the society has been socialized to perceive particular things, in this case how one adorns herself.  It is from this viewpoint that Katherine’s desire to wear a corset is understood as to have hindered her from running in what is thought to be a practical manner. In the same breadth, view about racism are a social construction.  Racial profiling is what informed the unwarranted shooting of Ben. It is also imperative to not that racism is reciprocal, it is not a preserve of one race to practice.  However, not everybody subscribe to racism as it can be seen in healthy interracial relations.

Red Jack suits the novel’s protagonist due to his immense contribution of the story and heroics. Katharine plays well the role of building and supporting the main theme, and exposing racism.  Her relationship with Jane depicts mutual tension between members from different races. The attitude between the two can change with proper socialization on racial relations.




Rich, A (n.d) . Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence.

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