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Women and Gendered Studies

The presence or absence of women editors

All the newspapers had a presence of female editors. However, the number of women editors was power than male. Newspapers hire more male editors than female. The percentage of female editors was below 30 percent, with men dominating this section by about 70 percent.

The number of female and male by-lines

The New York Times has 11 male and four female by-lines, Vancouver Sun 8 male and 4 females; the Calgary Herald has seven male and three females, Sudbury Star 9 males and four males, and the Ottawa Citizen7 males and three females. In general, male take up about 60 percent of bylines in the newspapers while women take 30 percent. The New York times have the greatest gap between male and female bylines.

The number of females in photographs

The Ottawa Citizen newspaper had 26 photographs, 36 on the New York Times, 23 on the Vancouver Sun, 56 on the Calgary Herald, and 18 on the Sudbury Star. The number of female pictures in the newspapers does not supersede that of men. In mainstream news, men dominate, whereas women pictures feature prominently under fashion, love and relationship, and celebrity sections. Of women attached to various stories (Calgary Herald 5-6).

Women photographs dominate the fashion and beauty, love and relationships, life, and nutrition section. The use of the female picture in this section is largely meant to attract the attention of the readers. Women love stories on these topics, whereas men are tempted to read stories that feature beautiful pictures. Therefore, there is the strategic use of beautiful female photographs in these sections to draw the attention of the targeted audience. Men photographs dominate the news and sports sections, which are largely viewed as masculine affairs. However, love and relationships, fashion and beauty, parenting, dating, and other related stories lean towards feminism, thus domination with female photographs (Vancouver Sun 34).

The number of letters to the editor written by women

The number of letter to the editor written by women was seven on the Ottawa Citizen, six on the New York Times, four on the Vancouver Sun, six on the Calgary Herald, and eight on the Sudbury Star. The number of letters by the female to the newspapers’ editor does not supersede that of men.

The amount of material or “sections” of the newspaper, which could be defined as “women’s interest.”

About 35 percent of the sections of the newspapers covered women interests. The fashion and gender related issues dominated these sections. Stories on the celebrities also interest women, especially those featuring female artists, as is the case of Beyoncé on the Ottawa Citizen. Women love reading fashion, celebrity, love and relationship, and other feminine related stories. A story on females and gym, Fashion and Beauty, and relationships on the Ottawa Citizen can be termed as ‘Women stories” due to their appeal the feminism (Ottawa Citizen 23).

Moreover, stories on nutrition and keeping the body fit interest women, especially due to females concern about the figure of their bodies.  In this respect, women tend to take more of their time to read much on dietary and keeping the body healthy. The newspapers have allocated enough space for issues such as fashion, celebrity, relationship, nutrition, life stories, and entertainment. These are areas that women tend to interest women more. Additionally, news that touches on female and family issues also form the portion of stories that capture female reader more than the rest (Sudbury Star 17-18).

Love and relationship form another section that is of great interest to women. The Ottawa Citizen newspaper carries stories on this topic under Life section. For instance, the story on “Beware when looking for love online, says RCMP” alerts the reader on what to consider while dating online. Women tend to be the greatest victims of bad relationships that are developed through the online connection, thus find such sections of more interest to read. Moreover, when love and relationship are mentioned, female have a tendency to be keener of what is said than men (Ottawa Citizen 32-34).

Moreover, the domination of fashion and beauty section with pictures of beautiful women creates a feminine mood about beauty. Females are lured to read this section as it appears more ‘women-like.’ The strategic use of these photographs serves to reinforce the notion about the need for women to keep themselves pretty. Men are not a primary target in these areas; thus, their pictures are not given prominence. Therefore, beauty and fashion have been gendered and assigned to the female (New York Times 36).

The use of female photographs is beauty, and fashion sections are mainly used to attract more readers. The pictures used are largely romantic, and the wording below them invokes romance. In Calgary Herald, under relationships section, pictures of smiling or happy pretty females are used alongside those of males to emphasize the tone of love and friendship. Topics like ‘burning sexual questions’ are accompanied by female pictures, creating an environment that is more feminine. In this respect, women will tend to follow such stories with keen interests.


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