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Objective: Use information from class(including course lectures, readings, film, and museum visit) and your own ideas to make a clear, effective argument. (I have given all materials from class to you.)

Description: In this assignment you will address the question – How has globalization affected Thai culture? Drawing from course lectures, readings, film, and museum visit – you will use specific evidence in order to make an argument. The paper is exploratory in nature – but you need a thesis or main idea statement contained within a clear introduction and conclusion. Clear topic sentences will clarify the structure and details of your argument.

A thesis announces your main idea to the reader. A good thesis must be specific and contain an argument. It is not enough to write “Globalization has affected Thai culture…” but you must answer HOW globalization has affected Thai culture. Topic sentences are like small thesis throughout your paper that relate back to and strengthen the main idea. Put together – the thesis and topic sentences should form a clear argument.

You do not need to do additional research to write this paper—your evidence should come from the material covered as part of class. On the assignment page for this paper in Canvas – I have linked those resources and readings so that you might access them easily in one place. As evidence you should reference – “Thai-ness”, the film Anna and the King, and the exhibit at the Mathers Museum. An “A” paper will contain references to all three.


o You must cite all sources – use ONLY sources from class. If you wish to use an additional source you must get it approved by me, or I will deduct points.

Use material from class to answer and defend your answer to the question – “How has globalization affected Thai culture? Ask yourself – Does the structure/content of the paper clearly relate back to that thesis? Do you use specific details from to support your ideas? Are my introduction and conclusion compelling and interesting? I am most interested in your own ideas!!! You might find outside research interesting and/or helpful… but do not just restate the ideas of others about the play. Work to write a well-structured narrative, not just a string of events, with a beginning, middle, and end.


The entire paper is worth 100 pts. The paper will be graded according to the following categories:

Thesis/ Main Idea – 15 pts

  • Do you clearly state your main idea (thesis) in the last sentence of the introduction? (UNDERLINE your thesis)
  • Does the content of the paper relate back to that thesis?
  • Do you use evidence to support your ideas?
  • Is the purpose of your evidence clear?


Introduction and Conclusion – 20 pts

  • Does the paper have an interesting introduction? Does it draw the reader in and logically lead to the thesis or main idea?
  • Does the paper have a clear ending/conclusion? Does the conclusion sufficiently wrap up the main idea?


Evidence – 30 pts

  • Does the play use details from “Thai-ness”? The film? The art exhibit? (must use all three!)
  • Does the paper give specific and dynamic information? (Fully explain)
  • Is the relationship between the evidence and the thesis clear? (explain the significance)


Topic Sentences – 25 pts

  • Does every paragraph have a topic sentence?
  • Do topic sentences support and move the argument forward?
  • Do topic sentences relate back to and support the thesis?
  • Does the content of the paragraph reflect the ideas of the topic sentence (does each paragraph contain a clear and singular focus?)
  • Do topic sentences aid transitions?


Assignment Basics – 10 pts

  • Does your paper follow the assignment basics? (Format, length, heading, citations, and so on)
  • Does your paper have a title?


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