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Regional Culture Presentations: Students will be required to present a 10- minute PowerPoint lecture on a cultural practice from a specific region of either India, China or Japan. These can be related to performing arts, fashion, food, or religious ritual. The lecture will need to provide clear details on 3 key terms or concepts that will be included in the materials for area exams. 3 reputable sources required. PowerPoint will be submitted through Moodle. Due dates will depend on country chosen.



Regional Presentation Rubric

Grade A B C D F




Between 10 and 15 minutes 8 – 9 minutes

or 16-17 minutes

7 minutes or 18 minutes 6 minutes or 19 minutes Less than 6 minutes or more than 19 minutes
Use of PowerPoint




Clear use of PowerPoint with helpful images and only bullet point writing Too few or too many slides for the needs of the presentation Wordy slides that are hard for audience to follow Poor use of PowerPoint images and wording – does not support presentation No PowerPoint offered
Speaking and Eye Contact




Speaker stands out front w/ a clear engaging voice and consistent eye contact Speaker stands behind the podium or eye contact is intermittent Eye contact is quite limited or voice is in a monotone Difficult to understand what is being stated Poor preparation with a confused and hard to follow voice
Regional Location A clear, distinct regional location is presented throughout the presentation Region is too broad for audience to have a clear understanding of the area discussed More than one region is presented Not clear what region has been chosen from the presentation No reference made to a region throughout the presentation
Concepts and Sources 3 clear  concepts and 3 reputable sources 3 concepts but 1 needs more clarity Only 2 concepts  clearly presented or 2 reputable sources Only 1 concept clearly presented or  1 reputable source  Concepts and sources never referenced


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